Friday, November 14, 2008

Lots more details

Did a lot of airport embroidering this past week. There's a few missing details in between, but I'm finally caught up and maybe a bit ahead as Detail 84 is due today.
Detail 78 Detail 79a Detail 79b Detail 80a
Detail 80b
Detail 81a
Detail 81b
Detail 82
Detail 90d
Detail 86
This detail is only one bullion in the original sample, but I did it three times, first bullion 25 wraps, second was 35 wraps and the third 45 wraps, all of Caron wildflowers embroidery thread. I think they look like lollipops.


CrazyKwilter said...

Ohhhh, these details are lovely. It's light and airy and so pretty.

Susan said...

Gosh, I've really missed out on some gorgeous seams while I've been away from blog reading! Beautiful! I see where you used that bit of tatting - really nicely done. I particularly like 78 and 80b, too