Friday, November 21, 2008


I came across some ATCs on Flickr and I was intrigued to try them myself. After a bit of a struggle with the corners while finishing them off, I enjoyed making them. I tried two different ways to finish, in the blue ATC I cut the backing larger and folded and stitched it to the front, with the pink I used satin ribbon. Neither way made a neat corner and I've camouflaged the corners with beads and sequins. Is there a simple, neat way to finish?


Jane said...

With my postcards.. I don't turn an edge... I leave a raw edge and zig zag over it or whip stitch around in a fancy thread or couched fiber. Love what you've done though, the edge must have been a bear to turn.. so tiny!

Diane said...

I'll try zig-zagging too. Honestly, it took as long to turn the edge on the pink one as it did to do the embroidery!!

Kathy2eggs said...

Your two tiny quilts are adorable. I can't wait to finish mine. Your cushion will be fabulous, I agree, hope no one actually sits on it!