Monday, January 23, 2012

My CQI All about angels RR block is home

My block is finished and home, thanks to Debbie S., Joyce R., Laurie N. and Wendy R. for their pretty stitches.  I enjoyed working on all their blocks too.   This was a really nice RR, it went very smoothly and the blocks looked great.

This lovely swirly design and the cute button flowers above was and the seam above, embroidered by Joyce. 

Joyce added the crochet hat, Debbie, the crown, the purple seam and the tatted seam 

Wendy's daisies and green feather stitch seam.

Laurie's lace applique and lace trim on the seam

Debbie's littlest angel, Joyce's seam above and below.

Laurie added the monogram and the sequin seam. Debbie's feather stitch is on the left and daisies on the right.

Wendy's silk ribbon work and seam above

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Laurie said...

You had a beautiful block to start with Diane, it was a pleasure working on your block.