Wednesday, January 25, 2012

East End Cake Decorators - January 2012 Meeting

Sunday's meeting was fun.  Our planned demonstrator was not able to attend due to illness, but despite that, the meeting just evolved and we certainly filled our two and a half hours very well.

To begin with Glenys, our president arrived with a boxfull of British and American cake decorating magazines spanning 20 or 30 years, from another cake decorator who is retiring.  We pored over these until breaktime.

We each bring in a plate full of snacks to share, and Glenys had these amazing cupcakes that became rainbows when cut in half.  Of course we all needed to know her secret which she shared.  

After that Glenys surprised us with a quickie demo that she put together to replace the cancelled one.    

Glenys' demo was on pattern transfers.  She showed two methods.  First is the outline method shown at the top. Second is the method of piping the design and moving the frozen design on to the cake. 

Thanks Glenys for all the above!