Wednesday, January 25, 2012

India's flag block

It's finished, and I think it is my favourite block to have worked on so far.  Part of the fun was researching Indian symbols and culture, and there were many to choose from.  Plus I have access to beautiful fabric in the multi-cultural area that I live.
The green and white sequined curved pieces came from a child's tunic.  The gold trim on the left decorated another garment, and the sequins and beads used for the peacock covered the sleeve of a lady's very ornate blouse.  

Banyan trees

Lotus flower

Henna designs


Shisha mirror and words from the national anthem
This is the centre motif from the Indian Flag

The peacock.  


Mánya said...

Beautiful work! I especially love the Banyan trees and the peacock.

Cathy K said...

Oh Diane, this is exquisite! You always put so much time and research and love into your stitching, and it shows. Those banyan trees are beautiful, and the peacock is just delightful! I love it!!

Susan Elliott said...

Love the use of those sequins for the peacock!! That was inspired...And the cast-on trees...well...I just love those too....

Brain Dumps said...

It's great expression of Indian Culture.

Pamela said...

This is absolutely gorgeous!!!