Tuesday, October 4, 2011

All About Angels RR - Wendy's block

Wendy's block after Debbie's and my work.  Debbie worked on and around the silkie.

One little angel

Two little angels

Three little angels

Swirls and roses

Scallops, pearls and sequins
Wendy's Angel block is small and pretty.  It's going to be the cover page for the blocks in her Angel DYB RR that she is also participating in.  What a great idea!  I loved working on it and could have finished the whole block, but I had to leave some room for Joyce and Laurie's work!

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Laurie said...

WOW Diane! Can't wait to see this in person! I'm last to work on it, the block is so beautiful to begin with, but what you've done is awesome!! She's going to love it!