Sunday, October 16, 2011

One more e-bay quilt

This 12" x 12" quilted block has been added to the E-Bay auction.  I made this three years or so ago, as a Challenge in the CQ for Newbies group.  We were sent a package of fabric, thread, trim and beads and had to make something of it.  I loved the fabric in the middle and chose "Mother Love" as my project.  I was very new to crazy quilting in those days, and I'm quite surprised at my creativeness here. 

It did not win the challenge and has been idling in a cupboard until lately when Lesley issued another challenge on CQI as a Tribute to Mothers.  I think I was the only person who completed the challenge (and that was because the block was already pieced and embroidered).  All I had to do was back it and bind it.  On the finished version on E-Bay the circle has been centred properly.

For interest's sake, I have the photo here of the  package I received to make the block.


Anonymous said...

That looks like a great block!

Betty said...

Hi Diane
This block is lovely as is all your work. It was nice to see you at the Quilt guild show.