Saturday, October 22, 2011

Busy, busy, busy.....

This is what I wrote last weekend, but didn't have any time during the week to actually post it!

I have too many things on the go at the present.  There's a baby shower cake for the 22nd, my grandson's 2nd birthday on the 30th, a display of sugar maple leaves for my sugar group to be ready for Monday;  today I spent half the day at our annual yard sale in our building, tomorrow is clean-up and dispose of unsold stuff.  Tomorrow afternoon is our quilt guild show, and I'm on from 1 to 4!   Phew!   

It's a week later, the yard sale is done and dusted, the leaves were made and delivered to the Creativ Show in Toronto where Verdie and I did our shift yesterday from 9am until 3pm. I completed a fairy dotee that will be swapped.  I also enjoyed working at our Quilt Guild Show on Sunday (where there was a beautiful crazy quilt on display - more about that on another post).  And the cake for the baby shower cake was delivered this morning.  Here's some pictures I took along the way!

Here's the fairy dotee.  The wings were made with florist wire from my cake decorating stash.

I got soaking wet foraging for these branches in the ravine during heavy rain.  The leaves are gumpaste.
Baby shower cake, 12" x 12".  All sugar cradle.
Here's Pooh and friends still under construction.  


kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

You sure keep yourself busy, Diane! I can't believe those leaves are not real! They are really made of gumpaste? Wow! Love the dotee fairie and the cake too!

Laurie said...

What talent Diane! I love the shower cake, I decorate cakes also, find it a relaxing outlet; well most of the time! Great post, great pics!