Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Rib-Off

The Day Family

This has become an annual event in Mo's side of the family.  We all used to go to the Labour Day Long Weekend Ribfest at Burlington's Lakeshore Park.  But gradually more of the family participated and the lines at the Ribfest got longer, so we decided to do our own.

Each adult couple provide either one or two racks of ribs and their special sauce (many special secret ingredients) and take turns at the barbeques at Gary and Bonnie's place.  Voting takes place and there is a winner and a special Rib-Off plaque for 1st place.           

Mo and I adding our sauce.  Mine is very spicy, his fairly mild.

Too much fire!

Nine different saucy ribs.

One of each, then cast your vote.

Winners!  1st Jimmy (middle), 2nd Bonnie & Gary (left), tied for 3rd Mike and Ben.
Thanks Gary and Bonnie for being great hosts to this Annual event.  Same time next year....????

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Cathy K said...

Your post is making my mouth water! Oh, those ribs look yummy. On top of that, Bruce and his band performed last night, and they had roasted a pig there. He told me it was the tastiest, fall-off-the-bones pork he’s ever had. I was stuck at my boutique waiting for closing and teardown. Such is life. But I am craving bacon now…. LOL. See you soon! Hugs, Cathy