Monday, July 20, 2009

Crazyquilters-ca - UTS Stitchalong

Our Canadian group of crazy quilters (crazyquilters-ca), under the direction of Rose Anne B. are working on an Under the Sea block. It's a stitchalong and so far we have worked on seaweed and a sandbar. This is my naked block.Some seaweed added, but it needs lots more of everything, thread, ribbons and beads! This is the start of my sandbar, the thread colour works well (Wildflowers) but it may have to come out because my tight stitching is pulling my block out of shape.


Aida Costa said...

I love the seaweed! And that's a great idea to use thread for the sandbar. I still haven't found any sheer fabric for mine, and I was wondering what else I could use.

Rose Anne B said...

Well Diane the seaweed is great and you have lovely movement there! Now I didn't think of the thread for the sandbar but what about couching on some furry yarn instead? Looking good so far!