Monday, July 20, 2009

Out of your comfort zone Challenge

CQ4Newbies recently ran a challenge where the participant would make two blocks, one where you were entirely comfortable with the colour, design, fabric, stitching and embellishments. The other would be out of your comfort zone. I started with my comfort block - pinks, lace, beads and the like. This is a needle case opened out to show front and back.
Below is my attempt at the "out of your zone" challenge. It's out of my zone as far as colour (no colour, just black, grey and silver), but not for any other reason, (like using big buttons, beads and butterflies), so I couldn't in all honesty, submit it into the Challenge. But I did end up with half of a nice tea cosy!!!

1 comment:

gocrazywithme said...

Diane, this is beautiful! You should have entered it! Using a totally different colorway is out of your zone.