Monday, July 27, 2009

More on the Jacket

This morning I sewed together all the pieces in strip 1 and strip 2. After pressing the seams down and removing some of the paper from areas that would be difficult to get to after more sewing, I pinned strip 1 to strip 2 and sewed them together. Then I removed all the paper from the second strip and pressed it well. What a difference it makes with no pins, paper or raw edges. As I'm working on this project I'm finding out tricks that really help. For instance I started out using white thread. Now I've switched to a dark thread to help find the tacking when I am undoing it. Also I don't fasten off my tacking now, I run a few stitches, about 2" over the beginning tacking and then snip off the beginning knot. This really helps because the thread just pulls out and doesn't stop at the knot.

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