Monday, February 14, 2011

Kathy's Basically Beaded RR Block

By the time this block arrived at my place it was a heavy piece of work.  Peggy, Meg and Arlene had added plenty of sparkle and unusual pieces.  The empty spot left for me was the middle (!!) and a section of embroidered lace.  While I was working on the other two RR's I had this one on view to get some ideas of what I could do on the lace section.

I followed the inside pattern of the embroidery and added tiny beads, charlottes and delicas.  And in the centre of each of the three a crystal.  The flower, top right is a piece from a chandelier and to bring it to life I sewed sequins underneath.

This is a rose.  I pretended I was doing bullion stitches with beads, shading them to look like petals.  Did it work?   The two small beaded seams are beaded daisy chains.
This was the last block in this round robin.  I have really enjoyed trying to come up with something different.  The book with the instructions for the daisy chain, "The Beader's Floral" is a wonderful book and I'm determined to progress further than the daisy chain!

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