Friday, February 18, 2011

Flowers - Sugar and Thread

Mary Corbett's Needle & Thread arrives in my e-mail inbox every day.  She asked the question: "Do you have other crafts and hobbies that you pursue, in addition to embroidery?".  Yes I do, my other wonderful hobby is cake decorating, especially making sugar flowers.  Here's examples of some that I have made.
Here are sugar calla lilies, and underneath calla lilies in stumpwork 

These are sugar hydrangeas

And here and below are stumpwork hydrangeas

This is a sugar cherry blossom tree

A silk ribbon rose tree

A sugar wild rose, or briar rose

And a silk ribbon rose

These are sugar hybrid tea roses

And these are ribbon roses
And finally some sugar pansies just waiting to be included in a spray for a cake.

Silk ribbon pansies
One thing I realize is that I love flowers - sugar, silk and real!


Mary Corbet said...

Wow!!! And you do an amazing job in both "hobbies"! The lilies on the first cake are stunning - they're ALL beautiful! I love the line-up of the decoration on the cake and then the similar embroidery! Beautiful!

Plays with Needles said...

I LOVED this post Diane!

Suztats said...

Gorgeous flowers, Diane! I've done some cake decorating, but I haven't done any sugar flowers. Yours are beautiful! Stitched, or sugared!!

Mánya said...

Both your sugar and embroidered flowers are so beautiful!
I love the wild roses, the lilies, the... well, all of them :)
Have a nice weekend!

Betty said...

These are all so beautiful, you are very talented. Betty

Cathy K said...

What amazing talents you have, Diane! I loved this post! Hugs, Cathy

Anonymous said...

Oh, they're LOVELY!

Mom E. said...

Your cakes are as beautiful as your stitchery!