Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A reminder of Breckenridge

As soon as I saw this tray with the robins it reminded me of our lessons with Gerry K at the Retreat in Colorado.  Gerry showed Debbie Q and me how to embroider the robin with long and short stitch on felt, which would be appliqued later onto a block.  It also reminds me of our class, also with Gerry, where we amazed ourselves by painting birds on MOP buttons and the results being quite recognizable as little birds.


Eileene said...

Diane, I love the robin tray. They are so cute. Love your blog too. Loads of ideas for me. hehehe Now, would ya , could ya pleaseeeee, tell me how to paint MOP robins????? Did ya know that Gerry drew Patch the cowboy on my blog? she's great . Eileene

Diane said...

Hi Eileene
I'm not good enough to teach those, but Gerry K has a great tutorial on her blog. Look on the right hand side of my blog and you will find her's there.