Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rita's Asian RR Block

Rita mentioned in her booklet that she sent with her block, that she used all Japanese kimono fabrics. They are quite bold designs, and mostly in navy blue and white. The exception is the lovely silkie.

The block came to me with Darlene's lovely work.  Her appliqued fan is beautiful and brought a splash of green which she echoed in a blue/green ricrac seam below the geisha. 

When I first began CQing a couple of years ago I picked up anything and everything that I thought I could use.  One of my first purchases was a bag of bamboo beads.  Tiny ones that work perfectly in my stand of bamboo at the top of the block. For the "knuckles" of the branch I used a very pale green variegated #5 Needle Necessities perle.  And for the leaves a light green 2mm silk ribbon.

Just down from the bamboo I made some bullion chrysanthimums using  Edmar Glory and for the leaves 4mm dark green silk ribbon.

The butterfly in the corner is the only one I made when I was teaching myself needle tatting, and i've sparkled it up with a few sequins and tiny crystal beads.

Now it is time to send it on. 


Anonymous said...

Diane - wow! Your bamboo is a stroke of genius! I love the mums too. What a wonderful block this is already - can't wait to see what is added next!

Ann Flowers said...

Your bamboo beads are perfect so very clever. I also LOVE you bullion chrysanthemums, gorgeous!!!

Very pretty work!

Ann Flowers

pineapple_ing said...

What a perfect way to use your bamboo beads and the way you used B.E. with it is also. I love the way it looks. I tried a beaded bamboo motif on my very first CQ- Geisha Heart.(Flickr)Please tell me where I could purchase the bamboo beads. I sure would like to use them next time. Thank you!
Hugs, ~ Ing

Plays with Needles said...

Diane!! HOLY SCHMOLEY! That bamboo went straight to my inspiration file...did not pass go, did not collect $200!

I LOVE it -- and the chrysanthemums are GLORIOUS!

thanks for dropping by my blog and saying nice things about my latest bead journal. I cannot wait to start crazy quilting again! I hope to get started again in March. Your work makes me miss it so! Did you say you were definitely going to the Adventures in CQ seminar next April? Oh, I hope So! I would very much love to meet you. Be well, Susan