Sunday, January 3, 2010

Jack's block

This is my grandson Jack's birth announcement block.  Jack is six and when he was born I wasn't involved in CQ. 
At the Retreat in Colorado Kerry was doing a neat butterfly on waste canvas on her Making Memories block.  She very kindly provided me some 12 count canvas and the pattern for the angel.  I tried very hard to find the right hole to put the needle in, but even with my glasses, I found the 12 canvas too small.  So out came those stitches.  I tried with 10 canvas, but when I took photos of the angel, all the mistakes were so obvious I had to unpick that too.  Finally I used 8.5 canvas and with a magnifying glass I was more successful.  I still think my angel needs a little more hair and possibly some definition on her wings.  She's in a different location now as I unpicked so much that the original patch is in a bit of a mess.   I'll find a nice little lace motif for that.

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