Monday, October 27, 2008

Favourite Things Round Robin

I've been working on Toni's Geisha block this last while and I love how it's looking. There's some lovely stitching from the ladies before me and it was a pleasure to add to that. This is the whole block with everyone's work. I added the cream dress and the red and black flowers beside it. For the dress I used two strands of a shiny cream rayon thread and did very small chain stitch close together. Check out her shoes! I used some very small bamboo beads that were perfect. The flowers are large bullions with an orange thread with gold going through it, surrounded by black jet beads.For the white flower I used silk ribbon and black beads.

I was going to stop after the white flower, but because there's only one person left in the rotation, I tackled the bottom pale orange section and stacked fan shapes in chain stitch. I decorated a few and left some for Sandi and Toni to do. It's in the mail on it's way to Sandi in California.

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