Sunday, October 19, 2008

East End Cake Decorating Club - October 19th Meeting

Shoes were the subject of Sunday's EECD meeting. Members had a lot of fun under Diane K's instruction and despite having only two hours, most of us managed to finish with a decent little heeled shoe, as you can see from the group shoe shot. Shoes in various stages of construction.

Seated is one of our most respected members, Cynthia Lewis, teacher, author, judge, chatting with another member.

Just some of the shoes members made at the meeting.

The interesting texture on the fronts of these shoes came from specially patterned rolling pins.

This display was provided by Katies Cakes (


The next meeting will our Cookie Decorating for Charity event, on Sunday, November 16th, 2008 at St. Margaret in the Pines.

Anyone who wishes to will bring a few dozen cookies – they can be gingerbread, sugar, or shortbread – any flat cookie that can be decorated will do. Bags and ribbon will be provided for packaging. Last year we had a lot of cookies that were not dry enough to bag. So please make small decorations ahead of time to be glued on to the cookies with royal icing. Also cookies decorated with royal icing at the meeting could be sprinkled with coloured sugar crystals as that quickly becomes hard enough to bag.

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