Sunday, October 19, 2008


I had a great time at the CreativFestival. The fabric postcard workshop was fun, our instructor was originally a painter so she gave a different view on things. In the end it was all hand sewing, so of course, no one actually finished a card, but rather got a general idea of construction and shared our knowledge of different stitches. After that it was time to look and shop. There were a couple of items that caught my attention. Something called Matt Medium. that is brushed on to a natural fabric (cotton, linen) and then a laser copy of a photo is put face down onto the fabric and rubbed firmly. Then the paper is peeled off and you have a permanent print on the fabric. The other item was a water soluble stabilizer sheet called Ultra Solvy, that you can arrange pieces of lace, threads, wool, etc, then sew to join all pieces together. After that when the piece is immersed in warm water the stabilizer sheet dissolves and leaves the lacy piece. There were some pretty examples. One of the fabric postcards that I started at the CreativFestival

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Jane said...

Love your postcard Diane... looks like you had great fun and learned lots without having to buy first.. aleays a good thing! Have a nice Sunday!