Saturday, October 11, 2008

100 details in 200 days - Details 56 to 62

I realized I hadn't posted any details for a while because I was busy with other things. I was also pretty bored with working on the maroon wall hanging. So....I am making a blue tea cosy, for practical reasons because I do need a tea cosy, and for motivational reasons to get my interest going again.

Detail 56

Detail 57 - My first attempt at a spider and web. More practice needed on the web for sure. But I was quite pleased with the spider, even though his head is off to the side a bit.

Detail 58 - I just love this one because I got to use some new thread. The chain is one of NeedleNecessities overdyed perle#5. I love variegated thread, and this one variegates quickly, some almost take a whole row to change colour.

Detail 59a and b

Detail 60 - I don't know how many times I had both the bullion and the cast on stitches unpicked. In the end I used a perle #8 instead of a thicker cotton or a shiny rayon.

Detail 61 - This was another of my new threads.

Detail 62 - The row of stitching above the lace is called "Pekinese Stitch". It's made up of a row of back stitches (white), laced with a second thread (dark green).

I'm still behind on the details, tomorrow, October 11, Detail 67 is due!

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Anonymous said...

Great seams, Diane! You've used your new threads very effectively. I always loved Needle Necessities, too, and hope that Threadworx is as nice, but I haven't had a chance to buy any yet. Although, of course, I love Sassa Lynne, the best!

Your curvy seam toward the top is super looking. I think they are all great examples of the stitches.