Sunday, May 4, 2008

Getting on with it.

It's been just a bit over two weeks since I fell and broke my arm. I go tomorrow to the fracture clinic to make sure it's healing properly. Every day seems to bring improvement, and I hope that I will be able to drive soon. Mum and I took the "Flag" bus to the mall and then walked about 1km to the grocery store. It was drizzling with rain. Mum was exhausted after the hike and we sat for a while and had a coffee. We loaded up the cart with groceries and took a taxi home. Then we both had a nap! Mum will be 92 on Monday and I'm trying to make a cake without her knowing. I baked it yesterday, made the icing early this morning and will make the decorations this afternoon. I will get someone to take it by car to the Seniors on Tuesday where most of her friends go for crafts. I've also been working on the summer flower garden crazy quilt block. What's missing is silk ribbon embroidery which I found was difficult to do at the moment.

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