Monday, November 1, 2010

Carolyn's Tea Time II Round Robin

One side of Carolyn's tea cosy
The second side

Carolyn's tea cosy is made from old fashioned prints and was fun to work on.  I chose the chicken scratch on the first side (above).  I love doing chicken scratch and I was glad that she had one on each side, and one was left still to do.  I also embroidered some blue bullion daisies on both sides of the cosy.    On the first side there was a small rectangle that looked just like a table, so I filled it with beaded goodies.  And on the second side I added a simple cross stitch seam treatment in red, white, yellow and royal blue.
Bullion daisies

Chicken Scratch

Cakes and Cookies!  Chocolate eclairs, Empire Biscuits and a chocolate cake

Cross stitch, straight stitch, French knots and lazy daisies


Laurie said...

How pretty Diane, your stitching is so perfect, I love it!

Suztats said...

Very nice! She'll love it!

Nicki Lee said...

Very pretty work Diane! I can't wait until it arrive so I can play with it too.

I know I've mentioned this to you before ... I would love for you to teach me how you make your awesome bullion stitches!

Cathy K said...

It’s good to have you back, Diane! How was Florida? As always, your stitching is clever and beautiful. You are always an inspiration. I’ve missed you. Hugs, Cathy

CarolynPhi said...

Diane, thank you so much for adding your beautiful stitching and beading to my tea cozy! I love everything you've done, and can't wait to have it come home.