Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Visit to Morin Heights

Caleb's birth announcement block

This is the centre portion of the block.  The photo and letters for the birth information was printed on silk.

My son Neil and his family live in Quebec, about an hour north of Montreal in the foothills of the Laurentians.  I have two adorable French/Canadian grandchildren, who at 2 and 4 can speak both English and French.  I visited this past weekend for their birthdays.  I also delivered Caleb's crazy quilted block.  I've been making these birth announcement blocks for each of my five grand children.  This is Caleb's and he's just about four years old now.  I've only been crazy quilting for less than 3 years, so I was able to add extra information to his block because he's a little older.  For starters, he's crazy for cars (just like his daddy), so I found some neat car fabric to include in the block.  When Caleb began to talk it was in two word sentences, and I included a sampling using alphabet blocks.  Here are a few more close ups:

A button patch

Feather stitch, chevron, buttonhole and fly stitches

Rose vine, chain scallops and some of Caleb's first words 

Button cluster


Laurie said...

I'm doing a memory quilt with birth announcement blocks for my niece's three children. Your block is not only extremely beautiful, but inspirational. Thanks for sharing Diane.

Cathy K said...

This block turned out beautifully, Diane. What a pleasure to see it done. I love your button clusters and seams. Heck, I love it all! You should post a link on CQI and share this! Hugs, Cathy