Monday, November 26, 2012

Recent Wedding Cakes

Here's a couple of wedding cakes Verdie and I have worked on recently.

The first one is from one of the Wilton books.  It has masses of roses and carnations plus the curved pieces that have to be pre-made and formed on the white Wilton curved formers, and then iced with dots and sweet peas.

Top tier

Bottom tier

This was mostly Verdie's work although I did give her a lot of moral support while I was working on my grandson's lego cake!  


Monica said...

Wow, Diane, that first one is spectacular! How long did it take, all in?

Suztats said...

Fantastic cakes!

Diane said...

Thanks, I think that we began making the roses and curved pieces about 6 weeks before the wedding.

jasmin alien said...

nice cake