Thursday, November 8, 2012

Elijah's 3rd Birthday

Elijah wanted a Star Wars Lego birthday cake.   Heather found a Yoda character that wasn't attached to a $$$lego kit.  Yoda is Elijah's favourite character and you can see him dressed as Yoda in my previous post on Halloween.

On the left is a space craft under construction.  On the right is the home of the characters, with table and chairs, a sofa and side table.

This is a great place for a kids' party, lots of running, climbing and sliding.

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Cathy K said...

The grands all look so cute in their costumes, and I can't believe that Elijah is 3 already!! BTW, my boys (now in their early thirties) LOVED Star Wars characters, too. For Shane's 4th birthday we played Pin the Ear on Yoda!