Thursday, November 8, 2012

Elijah's 3rd Birthday

Elijah wanted a Star Wars Lego birthday cake.   Heather found a Yoda character that wasn't attached to a $$$lego kit.  Yoda is Elijah's favourite character and you can see him dressed as Yoda in my previous post on Halloween.

On the left is a space craft under construction.  On the right is the home of the characters, with table and chairs, a sofa and side table.

This is a great place for a kids' party, lots of running, climbing and sliding.


Cathy K said...

The grands all look so cute in their costumes, and I can't believe that Elijah is 3 already!! BTW, my boys (now in their early thirties) LOVED Star Wars characters, too. For Shane's 4th birthday we played Pin the Ear on Yoda!

Drew Watts said...

Happy birthday to the little one! My son is really crazy about the space too. I am actually planning for his first birthday party in one of the San Francisco venues next month. I’m thinking of doing a toy-story theme for him. You guys have a great year ahead!