Thursday, November 17, 2011

More birthdays...

Brynn, my 3 year old French-Canadian grand daughter and her five year old brother Caleb celebrated their birthdays together this past weekend.  I went there by train (5 hours of stitching time) and had a wonderful weekend.  My son Neil and his wife, Lee Ann had suggested a "princess" cake for Brynn and a monster truck cake for Caleb.  

She's not the prettiest of princesses, but that didn't matter to Brynn. 

Caleb had the trucks off the cake and washed as soon as the candles were blown out!

It was good fun creating the cakes, and I had them packed so tightly in boxes that they traveled on the train without mishap.

The party was at Lee Ann's parents place, and we were treated to the best home made spaghetti I've ever tasted.  Her mum and grandmother spent a good part of the day preparing the amazing sauce with meatballs, spare ribs, stuffed chicken, sausages and the spaghetti. 

Here's Brynn painting her magic wand that goes with her beautiful princess gown.

Caleb and my son trying to figure out how to build this 5-level parking garage.
It was a short, but a great visit with the family. Thanks, folks, I'll be back soon!    

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