Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2010 Making Memories Block for Breast Cancer

It's finished!  This is the Making Memories Breast Cancer Block that I began a week or so ago.  The naked block is shown in a previous post.  This was a lovely block to work on.  The fabrics were mostly rich satins, of white and deep cream.  All the embroidery had to be in pastels, and that is what I did.  First I beaded the centre motif.  Other seams in the photos are a chevron seam, an up and down blanket stitch seam, and a row of chain stitches with straight stitches and beads addded.   I tried a stitch I hadn't used before, the double knot.  I embroidered two paralell rows of double knot stitches and each row is laced with cream #8 perle.  I also used two rows of cretan stitches, added lazy daisies and wrapped again with #8 cream perle.  Below that seam there is a button and bead cluster which fitted nicely in the bottom corner.   


Fiesta said...

WOW!! Rich and elegant.

Gerry said...

The block is just beautiful, Diane. Very, very nice work!