Friday, April 30, 2010

Nicki Lee's CQI Asian RR heading home

Well, this block was such a pleasure to work on.  It came so beautifully embellished from  Meg, Rita and Darlene, the whole time I was doing my bit on it, I was analysing and enjoying theirs. 

The fan was printed on to the patch which was a great start, and each section of the fan turned into a mini patch, so much fun!

I added a flower bead and feather stitch to another seam and wove  through it red and metallic thread.  On the patch below it I outlined a gold design.  

I filled in the geisha's underskirt with yellow stitching, did the seam to the right of the fan, and also the one above the geisha's head, then carried down to the next seam with the lazy daisy stitches filled with black tiny beads.   And just below that I added a dragon charm. 

This RR has produced some stunning blocks, and pushed me to do new techniques. 

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Darlene said...

Great finish Diane, Nicki should be thrilled...