Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Meg's BB&B Block

This is Meg's Bees, Butterflies and Beetles RR block after Arlene, Cathy and I have worked on it.  Nicki Lee gets it next for her stitching and then it will go home to Meg.

I added the stumpwork turquoise beaded silk butterfly and the seam it's sitting on.  The seam is made up of two rows of chevron stitch, with two fly stitches below and alternating lazy daisy and pistil stitch on top.  I added some beads in the lazy daisies and used Edmar Frost thread

On the seam above the pink lace butterfly at the top I stitched four rows of fly stitch, also with Edmar Frost and added tiny gold beads.  The butterfly in the next photo was printed on the fabric already.  I outlined it in the same tiny gold beads (#13/0) and added lazy daisy stitches and green beads on the wings.

The final patch is very pretty purple and turquoise flowers.  I attached a purple jewelled butterfly right in the middle with dark green whirly stitching and freshwater pearls.  

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