Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Vacation block - progress

It's been lots of fun working on this block that represents my three-part month vacation this Fall. From left to right: The CQI crazy quilt retreat in Breckenridge in Colorado; New Orleans; and Nokomis, Florida. It's not finished, I have a lot more ideas, beads and other stuff to add, but it's well on its way.
A beach scene with the setting sun. Need to work on the reflection in the water. It's funny how things look different in a photograph! The long pointy bit is a bit of a crab claw that I actually ate. And most of the shells I found on the beach. It's surprising how many already had small holes in them.
This is the Colorado section. I ran out of the dark green thread so the forest needs to be finished. The little yellow patch represents the yellow aspens, but I can see that they need to be much more vibrant in colour. They actually glowed on the mountainside.
This is my last day in Florida before I fly home tomorrow. It's pretty cold up north, but I have nice warm memories of all the places I visited across the U.S. this past month.

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Jane said...

Enjoyed seeing what you did with your vaca block so far.. what a great way to document your trip