Monday, March 23, 2009

Coffee Sleeve

I made a coffee sleeve for a swap on crazyquilters-ca, a Canadian group that I belong to. It was my first attempt and a learning experience. I had another go and took photos at every stage, so it is an "on the fly" tutorial. Here it is finished.
These are the small and large sizes for a Tim Horton coffee.
I used the large cup, trimmed the top and bottom, cut about 1" off the top and 1" off the bottom., and cut straight down the seam of the cup. Then I marked on the pattern a 1/2" seam. (Note: I didn't need this seam allowance because I added it on to the muslin as you will see below.) I pinned the pattern to muslin and marked a line around the pattern and a cutting line on the muslin 1/2" from the pattern. Here's the muslin with the solid line being the actual size of the sleeve, and the dotted line the seam allowance. The extra fabric was my insurance, but was not needed.
Here I have placed the first piece of fabric (black) on the muslin.
I added a second piece of fabric, placed the two right sides together and sewed through the three fabrics. This photo shows the two pieces of fabric pressed and ready for the third.
The right sides of the second fabric and grey patterned piece of fabric are together ready to be sewn.
Seam sewn and excess black fabric trimmed.
Grey fabric sewn.
Next piece of fabric pinned, ready for sewing.
Fourth piece, sewn, ready for pressing.
As each piece of fabric is added, I trimmed the previous fabric to the shape of the muslin. I added two more pieces of fabric using the same method as before.
I cut out a piece of black felt in the shape of the original pattern, pinned it to the embellished piece and tacked over the seams. I trimmed the seams to a bit more than 1/4".
Pin it around the paper cup. Neatly sew together. Embellish the joining seam. This is the smaller cup as I had cut up the large size for the pattern.
Cut out the lining with about 1/2" seam allowance. Sew in place.
Finish inside join.
Finished. This is the sleeve on a large Tim's cup. Just a note to say that the patterned grey fabric and the striped fabric are both from the skinny ends of men's ties.

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