Saturday, March 21, 2009

East End Cake Decorators - March 15th Workshop

We had a very full and busy meeting this past Sunday. Glenys Davies demonstrated how to use damp crystallized sugar in an egg mold to make a cradle suitable for use on a baby shower cake or a Christening cake.
Glenys and Valerie Pais had a few samples prepared to show different finishing options. Valerie also had a sample of a Christening cake topper with a baby in a rose. My apologies to Glenys and Valerie for lack of photos of them working, I was so involved in their demo that I forgot all about my camera and taking action pictures.
Next was Judith Parker who showed us how she makes the puffy bow (or ribbon bow) using fondant and a mound of royal icing.
She began by making about 20 strips of fondant all the same size, she pinched the ends together, shaped them into an oval shape and placed them on their sides to dry. You can see some made in front of Judith on the table. In the photo she is piping a mound of royal icing onto a gum paste plaque.
Next, Judith pushes dry loops into the royal icing, making the first row that is sitting on the plaque. She carries on, row by row until the bow is full looking.
Here is the white bow finished, and a pink and green made earlier.
She mentioned that the colour of the royal icing should match the loops of the bow.
David Hall had a bunch of graham wafers left over from the Valentines boxes, so we used them up making an Easter Basket. Glenys and Valerie generously shared their flowers and butterflies from their demo so the baskets/wishing wells were decorated.
The next meeting will be held on April 19th, 2pm to 4pm. Details of this meeting are not finalized yet. I'll add them to this post once they are.


rukni said...

HI Diane I tried the fondant loops [east end cake deco march] but it collapsed? I use shop brought fondant. do u add gum text to harden it? I m still waiting for your gum paste recipe
thax RUKNI

Diane said...

Rukni, e-mail me with your e-mail address: