Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmastime Wedding

The Bride wanted shades of cream and ivory for her wedding cake.  The three cakes were an old family fruitcake recipe and cbaked by the groom's sister.  My friend and cake partner Verdie and I decorated the cakes. 

The cakes in a trial set up just before going in their boxes.

The two bottom cakes are 12" and 8" and together were tremendously heavy.  The 6" top tier will sit on a 3" round of Styrofoam surrounded by gumpaste rosebuds.

Here's a top view of the rosebuds.  I had a couple of tries at the buds.  The first ones I left to dry and when I arranged the buds around the circle they were too far apart.  So I made a set of buds with one, three and three petals while the initial bud shape was still soft, and then cut the bud short and tapered the end so that more rosebuds fitted around.

Here's the rose for the top of the cake, it's 6" diameter.  I kept the rolled petal shape by drying the petals with a small rolled up piece of tinfoil.

The wedding cake at the Reception.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Three Princesses

My three granddaughters all are of the same opinion - they all love being princesses!  

Brynn, in middle was the actual Birthday Princess, celebrating her 6th birthday in Quebec, with the other two, Lauren and Emily assisting.  

The birthday cake is shown in a previous post and again below.  

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Name this yarn.....please!

I only have a yard or two of this pink variegated yarn and I'd love to have more, and in different shades, but I don't have a wrapper and can't find any photos online.  Does anyone happen to know this product?

Note added December 16:
I was remiss in not giving Susie Wolfe credit for this beautiful seam from her tree skirt.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

August's Block

Oh my, I'm way behind on the CQJP 2014 Challenge.  This is my eighth block.  

But...this is a 20 block project and there are 12 left to do, so I'm going to do a bock-a-month in 2015.

My aim at the beginning of this project was to drown it in lace, and that worked with couples, ladies and babies, but it wasn't so easy with the boy.  I did find a lovely piece of European lace in Wilmas' stash at the September Retreat.  

I love making bullion flowers with Caron Watercolours thread.  It's a 12 which is thin, but the variegations are just lovely.

This unusual bit of metal flower has been in my stash forever.  It was the perfect centrepiece for this button cluster

I have this cheapo dollar store ruler with lovely scallops that I use in nearly every project.  Here's one example.


The last of the birthdays was on the weekend.  Grandson Josh was Superman for Thanksgiving, so that was the theme for his birthday cake.

Again I used Ruth Rickey's method to make the skyscrapers.

Superman was colour-flo and the cake was fun to make.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Birthdays etc.

Between October 15 and December 5th, four of my grandchildren have birthdays.  Which means during that time I am either thinking about cakes or making them. 

Caleb and Brynn live in Quebec and I have previously made the trip by train for their birthdays in October.  This year I didn't go, but the two birthday cakes did along with my two daughters and their families.  

Brynn is in the everything- princess stage so I couldn't go wrong with a Princess Elsa from Frozen theme.  Caleb has always been about cars and my son suggested a smash-em-up derby.

I chose to use a ready made princess instead of trying to model one.  The castle I made using Ruth Rickey's method that I learned in a class last summer with her.

I built up the side of Caleb's cake to make a hill, piled the three Matchbox cars in a heap on the chocolate racetrack, and tipped the fourth car down the embankment.

Elijah's birthday came next and my daughter suggested something from the Lego Movie.

At my cake partner Verdie's, we have been busy too.  Here's a pretty order of cupcakes:

On the sewing end of things I finished a flannelette rag quilt for my youngest grandson Sammy (forgot to take a photo), and another pincushion teacup for the owner of the quilt store that I teach at.  I think that this is my favourite one so far.

Love the little feet on this.  I made little dangly bits so that they would hang in between the violets on the cup.

One of the seams that I like is the cretan.  In between the threads I stacked different piles of sequins.  The idea for this came from a photo frame I bought at a Fair Trade shop.

A small section of the frame.