Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Couple of Schemers

Here's a nice photo of the girls I received after I did this post.

It was my birthday celebration early in September.  Here I am with two of my granddaughters wearing dresses that their mums wore in the '70s! 

And here's a photo of Suzie with the pink dress.  It was graduation day from Nursery School.  She was about 4.

After we had finished dinner and strawberry shortcake for my birthday cake we all settled down in the family room.  

The two girls ran in from the kitchen full of giggles
and said "we've found the cake", giggle, giggle!  
We ignored them and after it happened again,  
Susie went to the kitchen to check them out, 
there they were pulling out the strawberries from 
the remains of the Shortcake.

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