Sunday, April 7, 2013

And the winner is.....

To celebrate my 500th post on the 27th March, I invited readers to participate in a draw.  In order to qualify for the draw, they were to make a comment on that post.  There were 13, and I gave each of the comments a number from 1 to 13.  

The winner will choose one of the One-of-a-kind fabric selections shown on the previous posts, and several more that I will load on below.  After that, the fabric selections  will make the trip to my Etsy shop. 

Today is the day to find the winner.  I used to pick the number, and here is the result:

The 13th comment on the 500th post was

Mary Ann


and thank you to everyone who participated.  I appreciated all your lovely comments.

Here are the latest:

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Suztats said...

Congrats to Mary Ann! You lucky ducky!