Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August Block CQJP2012

Finished the August block, but only just before the September one is due!  This one is really the Technicolour Dreamcoat.  I used mostly Sassa Lynne variegated thread, and variegated silk ribbon with a good helping of orange and red.  

I used a selection of blue silk tie fabric for the block, but I don't remember why I chose to do so much orange and red embellishment.  But it worked OK. 

I know now because I'm in the middle of taking Stitchmap's Colour Theory Class and understanding the colour wheel a little more, I see that blue and orange are complementary colours. 

Here are a couple of close ups: 


1 comment:

Monica said...

Yes, the orange looks great on the blue backgrounds. Another beautiful block!