Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Crazy Quilts ARE Quilts Too

On Thearica's blog Pigtales and Quilts you can feast your eyes!  She has put together a crazy quilt show and competititon that will inspire you.  Many of us Crazy Quilters have submitted an item for the competition or for display and it is well worth the visit.

I have entered, but I cannot divulge which piece I chose, but I can tell you it was a joy to make along with many other pieces I have worked on since I discovered crazy quilting by accident in 2008. 

I was Googling silk ribbon embroidery and came across photos of SR embroidery on some incredible crazy quilts.  From that moment I was hooked!  It  led me quickly to CQI (Crazy Quilting International) an online group that organizes round robins, swaps, competitions, and retreats held in Colorado.  I've been three times, each time renewing friendships, learning lots, sharing expertise and having enormous fun.   In four years of CQing, I know I have improved. 

 When I made my very first block my supplies were only one bag of mixed beads from Wallmart and a small selection of DMC floss.  Here is my very first block:    [crazy+quilt+post.jpg]

After four years and now a houseful of fabric, beads, embroidery threads, I'm still CQing and loving it.  I've found great ways to use crazy quilting:  the next three blocks are birth announcements for three of my grandchildren, and after that some other pieces of my crazy quilting.  




12" x 22" story of my summer holiday 2011 - five days in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado, a weekend in New Orleans, then on to Nokomis, Florida.

An under and over-the-sea block

A pouch for my camera

A teacosy from four square blocks

A traditional tea cosy
 One thing leads to another, and I also had a go at making dotties, little dolls with character that usually get traded.
An angel

another angel

and a witch.


Cathy K said...

Diane, I had never seen your first block before! it is beautiful, and you obviously have so much natural talent. And don't forget that we are having another retreat here in Utah this year. I owe you a letter, I know. :-). Hugs, Cat

Monica said...

I agree, your first block was excellent! My favourite, though, was the under and over the sea block. Really charming!

Susan said...

What beautiful pieces! The neutral teacozy looks so delicate. When I clicked the link, it didn't bring me right here, because there was an @ where a . needed to be.

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Hi Diane! It was exciting to see your first block! I love the birth announcement blocks you made - clever idea! Good luck in the quilt show!

Thearica said...

You may have had limited supplies for your first block but it is gorgeous! Love your work!