Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cake overload!!

This past weekend I had three cakes due. A Baptism, a 70th birthday and my son's b/d. It was hard work on Thursday and Friday and I was happy with the results. My son's cake was a bit of fun as he is a staunch Toronto Maple Leaf Hockey fan. He lives north of Montreal and is usually up against Montreal Canadiens fans. Last year his b/d cake looked like a Maple Leaf jersey, this year here it is.........This is a 12" x 18" birthday cake for a friend of mine's father from British Guiana. The palm trees I made from fondant and used the PMM Exotic Lily Set petal cutter for the palm leaves.TheAn 8" baptism cake.When you live in a condo, one space doubles for other uses. This is my dining room/photo studio.


Amy said...

The baptism cake is so sweet. I have not tried much with fondant yet, I see I may have to start.

Anonymous said...

It was a surprise seeing that cake come out of Heather's kitchen and Caleb proudly helping to carry it.