Thursday, May 7, 2009

A new quilt

At the Piecemakers, the group that I mentioned in the violets post, we have just started to make a new quilt. Susan is one of our resident expert quilters and I am a very willing student. She brought in a sample block, made up of lights, mediums and dark values. This is a blue one, but the quilt will contain many colours. The fabric had been cut into small rectangles and pinned onto paper printed with sewing and cutting lines in triangles. It's a very interesting process, and I will do a step by step of this quilt's construction, week by week.


cq4fun said...

You will become an expert on paper-piecing HSTs! Enjoy. There are dozens of ways these units can go together, too. The trick is to crease the paper on the seam line and snap it off, rather than tear it.

Diane said...

Thanks for the tip on creasing the paper to take it off. I'll pass it on. We have about six of us working on this project, one is cutting, another pinning, one ironing and two removing the papers, so it will grow qickly.