Sunday, December 2, 2012

Visit to Quebec

It's an annual event that I take the train from Toronto to Montreal to spend a weekend with my son and his family for the children's birthdays.  Brynn is such a girl, well into princesses and babies, and smart enough at four to point out to NanaD (me) that the princess on the cake just couldn't fit through the castle gate!  "Even her head got stuck!"

For this 8" heart cake I mixed lilac, pink and green fondant together and it turned out really pretty.

Caleb is into cars, of any sort, especially wrecked and rusted.  At a vineyard this summer we spotted a really rusted out wagon.  The front end, in sugar, became the cake decoration.

This is a smaller version of the backpacks I made earlier in the year.  And the pattern is the flip and sew quilt block design, only using satin, velvet and lace strips, with beads and bows.  Right away Brynn put the bag to the front, hooked her arms through the cord loops and popped a baby doll into the bag.  

A collage for Caleb of the vineyard wreck.

What's missing here is a photo of Brynn and Caleb at their birthday party.  It's coming soon and I'll post it then.

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