Monday, December 24, 2012

CQJP2012 Getting there....

I haven't been posting much sewing lately, mostly birthday cakes, and there's still one of those when  I get the photos.   But I have been sewing, but not stuff I can show.  I've been busy taking Stitchmap's Redwork Course, and doing a bit of sewing for my grand-daughters and those I will post after Christmas.

I've finished 15 fan blocks, trimmed them to 9 1/2" square and I'm ready to move on to the next step - putting them together.

After a lot of help from my friends and trips to the fabric store to test out colour combinations, I can finally say that cream will be the background colour for my fan quilt.  

Because the squares are on point, there are lots of triangles needed around the edge, and these will be filled with simple fan designs in neutral colours.  I'll use the same silk for the sashing, and I've ironed on the knitted interfacing to give the strips body and mainly to stop the silk from fraying. 

I'm off to Florida on Boxing Day for a couple of weeks and I plan to work on the nine fill-in triangles.  

I wish everyone a very peaceful holiday, and the best New Year!

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Monica said...

Happy holidays, Diane, and safe journey!