Friday, June 10, 2011

Basically Beaded RR Eye Candy

My beautiful basically beaded block!  This is my finished CQI RR block worked on so richly by Arlene, Kathy, Meg and Pegsue.  The block weighs a ton!

Arlene's work on the top right corner, the whole block photo shows the pink dangly flowers patch better. 
Buttonhole stitch with pearly flowers, and blue button flowers, with leaves.  Love the buttons! 

Arlene's pretty flowers, chevron and sequin seam and clear beaded corner.

Arlene's pendant from her childhood, a special addition!
Kathy's four beaded seams around the centre patch.  These are very detailed.   Meg added the silver feather as a focal point in the middle. 

A close-up of Kathy's grape vine.

Meg's beaded wheel of many colours!  Meg also wrote that she had added a few more seams.
Pegsue's super neat paisley.
Pink pearly flowers one on each side of the paisley.
These are two gorgeous seams that I couldn't find an owner for in the booklet.  Please let me know so I can give you credit. 

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