Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nicki Lee's CQI Tea Time II RR heading home

This is Nicki Lee's Tea Time block as I received it with Carolyn, Cathy and Thearica's work. 
Carolyn, Cathy and Thearica really worked hard and filled Nicki Lee's block with loads of neat stuff.  Just look at the detail, there's lots to see and admire. 

My challenge was the top right hand corner, a triangle of white satin.  My first thought was:  This block is missing some goodies, sweet stuff to go with a cup of tea!
And this is what I added.  They are cut-out cakes from a piece of fabric that I embroidered and beaded.  

After that I added some silk ribbon embroidery to the cup and saucer in the middle of the block.  And worked on the pink, green and gold beaded seam to the right of the cup and saucer.

And finished off with a little embellishing on the items on the second shelf.  And below the block is finished and ready to head home.



Laurie said...

Diane! Your creativity amazes me! Your work is awesome, this block is just beautiful.

Nicki Lee said...

Is this not the most yummiest block ever!!!! I love it! Thank you Diane for all you've added to make this block so delish! Eveyrone certinsly did a beautiful job on it. I can't wait til it comes home.

Nicki Lee said...

Merry Christmas Diane!

My adorable block arrived home and I have to telly ou it is so much prettier in person. Ya'll idd a wonderful job one it - thank you!