Friday, March 19, 2010

Karrin's Stumpwork Block

Here's what I have been working on for the last few days.  This is Karrin's stumpwork block in a CQI RR and I am the first to work on it.  It's quite a small block as blocks go, 9" x 12" with lots of patches of different mossy green fabrics, so I kept my work fairly small.   The tree has a raised stem band and lots of bullion cherry blossoms. The pink, blue and lilac delphiniums are raised chain bands with wrapped stem stitch stems.  The chrysanthamums are whipped spiders' webs with french knot middles and various woven picot leaves. I used the cast on stitch for the pansies which are in a rockery on the block.  The sunflower petals and leaves are also woven picots, and the stem is the raised stem band.  The bee was worked on felt and then attached to the block. When I took the block photo my little bee was protected by a piece of organza ribbon just so he doesn't get damaged.  The wings are quite fragile.  One stitch I tried several times but I just couldn't get it right is the raised cup stitch.  Does anyone have any pointers?  Mailing out date is the end of March, so I still have time to maybe add something else!

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Annet said...

Your stitches are so beautiful! I never tried the raised cup stitch, but I know there was a tutorial at the blog Hand Embroidery Network. This is the link:
I hope this helps.