Monday, September 22, 2008

East End Cake Decorating Club - September 21st, Meeting Summary

The meeting commenced at 2:00 pm. There were 14 members and guests present. Diane K. welcomed everyone. BUSINESS MEETING Diane K announced the winners of the Sugar Art contest and distributed the certificates. The Club Executive is now as follows: President: Lyne Coderre.......Vice President: Yvette Belfonte......Treasurer: Cynthia Thorn.....Assistant Treasurer: Diane Kingston......Secretary : Diane Kingston......Membership Chair : Verdie Jackson......Email Correspondent: Diane Matheson......Telephone Correspondent: Jean Skinner......Refreshment Chair: Shirley Peters........Raffle: Shirley Peters Dues for the year were collected. As was agreed at the June meeting, there will be no pay-as-you-go alternative. Guests are free for the first meeting and, if they like it enough to return, they will pay the dues and become members. Diane M and Verdie Jackson led the workshop on quilling. Just some of the pieces members made at the workshop. At October 19th's meeting Diane K will lead the workshop and show how to make shoes with no cutters. If time permits, a small purse will also be done. A list of tools and ingredients will be emailed.

It was a good start to our new season and members were pleased that most meetings will be in the form of a workshop and will be hands-on.


Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

Dear Diane
I loved your posts and the blog site...quite interesting to meet and discuss sugarcraft and make nice things..i loved the slippers....will closely follow your blog..greetings to you from Botswana !

CJ said...

Looking for some one that can make tulips for a wedding cake in Oct. Was going to use silk. If this can be done i would prefer it over the silk. I live in Brighton on. you can reach me at or

Jane said...

Ohhh, you mean those sandals are a cake decoration... how CUTE !!! Sounds like a great fun to get together with all the ideas.

amie said...


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