Monday, September 15, 2008

East End Cake Decoraing Club - September 21st, Meeting

Well folks, it’s our first EECD Meeting this Sunday afternoon from 2pm to 4pm at St. Margaret’s in the Pines on Lawrence Avenue East, just north of Kingston Road. Elections were held at the last meeting, but due to low attendance, not all positions were filled. This is a list of positions filled. Refreshment coordinator: Shirley Peters.......Emailing: Diane Matheson............Membership: Verdie Jackson............Raffle: Shirley Peters................Back-up calling: Jean Skinner.............President: Lyne Coderre...........Treasurer: Cynthia Thorn................Assistant Treasurer: Diane Kingston............Secretary Diane Kingston We can decide at the meeting if there are any other positions to be filled, and hopefully fill them. For example, should we have a Vice President? And perhaps two people might like to share one position. Membership dues of $25 for the 2008/09 year are due at this meeting. It was decided that “pay as you go” $5 per meeting will not be offered. It will be $25. for the year. ***There will be a Show and Tell from what you have done this summer, so please bring in whatever you have made over the summer (our summer challenge was to do whatever we wanted to bring for show and tell) and any photos of cakes you have made during the summer. ***Diane Kingston will bring in the certificates for the winners of the contest. ***We’re going to have Lovingly Used table for anyone to bring in things they want to sell. The items should be priced and ready to go. The club will get 10% of the sales. Whatever is not bought can be taken home and brought back for another try, if so desired, or given to the raffle, or anything else short of leaving it for someone else to take care of. WORKSHOP: At this first meeting we are holding a workshop on Quilling. Quilling is normally a paper craft, but can be adapted to cake decorating using narrow strips of gumpaste. Please bring to this workshop: A small amount of gumpaste (There will be some available at nominal cost.) Basic tools: board, rolling pin, cornstarch puff, water, paintbrush, toothpicks, etc. Strip cutters, if you have a set. Piece of Styrofoam about 8” square, or a Styrofoam cake dummy, long pins.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the meeting. Diane Matheson

P.S. Formatting in this programme is difficult, it runs everything together, so that's why there are dots in between the executive positions, and flowers between the paragraphs.

P.P.S If anyone knows Bibi Mohamed, could you let her know about the meeting. Her e-mail bounced back.

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Jane said...

And of course why I was here I had to read about the Cake Club.. how unique that is. Our quilt guild starts up this Thurs after being on hiatus since May... Sure helps the winter doldrums looking forward to these outings, eh?