Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Getting lots of TLC

Helena doing a little bit of yoga with Emily and Lauren.

My dear sister Helena has once again stepped into the breach. You may remember when my mum took sick two years ago, my Helena spent seven months with me taking care of our dying mother.  Now she is here with me.   She is my cook, my cleaning lady. my driver and my
coach, helping me back to health after a ten week stay in the hospital with a severe infection which settled in my knee.  Ongoing physical therapy at a clinic twice a week, and a number of exercises at home three times a day, will hopefully straighten out my bent leg.

We are having such fun again together, and yesterday we shopped with a 30% off coupon at Value Village and we both made some great purchases.  

We're both anxious to get into the amazing selection of wonderfully embellished ethnic clothing fabric.  She also did a little grandkids shopping.
Helena's creation


Cathy said...

So glad that you are finally home and that (priceless) Helena is there to help you. I know you will do your exercises faithfully, and wish you the best in regaining full health and strength. I will miss not seeing you this year!!

Monica said...

I'm sorry to hear that you've been unwell, Diane, but I'm glad that you are now on the mend! Here's to a full recovery!

Suztats said...

I sure hope you get better soon! Bless Helena for being your right hand through this time.

Susan Elliott said...

Hi Diane! I was thinking of you this morning and came to check on you. I'm sorry to hear about your infection but your sister Helena is wonderful. Love that picture of her yoga tree with the kids. Hope you are on the mend now and will be back to baking and stitching. Love to you...Susan

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