Sunday, June 2, 2013

Catching Up.......

Can't believe that I haven't posted for a month.  Things are busy at my place these days.  My sister Helena and I are taking care of mum, and in between times playing with fabric, decorating cakes and looking after my Etsy shop.  

Helena has been very productive and creative making "One of a Kind" selections.  These are selections of fabrics arranged in a way that tells a story, or at least, suggests a title.

Some of my favourite ones are below.  There are a bunch more in my Etsy shop.

Crop Circles

la Piece de la Resistance


The Heart of the Ocean

Midnight Bloom

Both mum and my youngest grandchild Lauren had birthdays in May.  Mum celebrated her 97th and Lauren her 1st birthday.  Here are some photos of our birthday parties.
Lots of help to blow out the candle!

Elijah helping to serve.

Mum looking good at 97.

Joshie and Jack.  Josh wishing he was old enough to have one too.

"Now that was delicious!"

"Yellow is the perfect colour for me"

I made Lauren a Baby Heirloom Block to celebrate her birth and entered in Crazy Quilts are Quilts Too on Pigtales & Quilts Blog.  It didn't place, but I found that the deadline was good to keep me motivated, and the fact that it was a competition encouraged neater and more creative work!