Friday, December 9, 2011

All About Angels RR - Joyce's block

Joyce's block arrived with lovely stitching already on it by Laurie N.:  the cross - lower right, hearts and gathered ribbon seam - upper left.  Wendy R. :sequin flowers with chain & drizzle stitches, and the lazy daisies below the angel.  Debbie S. added the lace with the blue stitching and gold bead clusters, the sequin flowers and butterfly to the left of the angel and the roses across the top of the block.  Also beading on the white rose lace to the right, blanket stitches and the gold stars above the angel. 

Joyce's All about angels block is the last I will receive in this RR.  I've enjoyed working on each and every one of these lovely blocks.

I really like working with blues.  This block had a great assortment of rich cream and blues.  The centre is a very pretty cross stitch that I think Joyce did.  

Double herringbone

My favourite two stitches at the present time:  the scallop and Kiko's flowers.  

Some large chevron to fill in the space on the right hand side.

Some pearl swirls with tiny charlotte beads.

While the block was hanging around waiting to be written up and then packaged for sending in the New Year, I had another go at it, encircling the angel block seams with four different tiny stitches that didn't intrude into the block and the angel. And if you look very closely, you may find three teeny angels.

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